Network Solutions

The Connected Home or Workplace

Households and workplaces are rapidly increasing the number of devices connecting to networks, we are seeing devices like

  • iPads
  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Televisions
  • Apple TV’s
  • Projectors
  • Solar Systems
  • Watering/Irrigation Systems
  • Airconditioners
  • Door Locks
  • Light Globes

The demand on the home network has been greater than ever before which has driven the need for the NBN. The critical part which is often overlooked is the backbone which underpins the whole system… your network.

If you don’t get the home network in order it is like putting more and more traffic on the same 2 lane road. Eventually the network just wont be able to cope. The more devices you have connected the more bandwidth is required not only from your Internet Connection but also from your home network.

Your home or workplace network can be built in 2 main ways:

  • Wired Network
  • Wireless Network

Wireless Network

Often people believe that a single Wireless Access Point installed somewhere in the house or office is all that they need. There are a number of critical considerations when installing WiFi which are very often overlooked in finding the ideal placement for one or more access points:

  • Size of the home or office (more then one Access Point may be needed)
  • Building materials used in the building
  • Interference (from other home appliances)
  • Channel Utilisation
  • Density of Devices
  • Surrounding Wireless Networks

Our team are experts at building a wireless network which provides the optimal coverage for your home or office. Our team can:

  • Observe the current installation and coverage
  • Conduct a site survey – to find the optimal number of placement of AP’s
  • Install and configure and cabling and AP’s required

Wired Network (Ethernet)

As good as modern wireless networks are, sometimes there is no substitute for the speed and security provided by a physical ethernet cable. Often cables are required for Access Point installation also. In large houses and offices, often multiple Access Points are required and while a wireless mesh can be a workable solution, physically cabling the two AP’s together will still provide the best outcome for your home network.

If you’re looking to improve an existing home or office network, renovating or building a house we would love to hear from you as early as possible in your project so that we can help you to plan the ideal solution to meet your needs.

The team at Horder Communications Solutions can help with all of you wired and wireless networking needs with certified installers in all areas.