Gold Coast TV Restack

In October 2014 ACMA will restack the Gold Coast TV Channel lineup.

Read more on the ACMA Website Here

This involves moving all of the available Gold Coast TV Channels to new frequencies.

This move has enormous implications for High Rise managers and owners.

Most Multi-Unit complexes have reticulated TV systems with channel filters placed between the TV antenna and the distribution system. These filters will either need to be re-tuned or in some cases replaced.

For those installations without individual channel filters it is our strongest possible recommendation that Channel Filter/Amplifiers be installed.

Channel Filters ensure that all signals in the reticulation system are of the same, and correct, level guaranteeing  proper signal quality at every outlet while ensuring the channels can co exist in the distribution system without interfering with each other.

Without channel filters you may have poor or no TV reception!

The need for channel filters will be even more significant as Carriers start to move 4G Mobile services into the recovered TV spectrum. All TV systems and antennas will receive these signals and unless filtered out they will cause “Inter-modulation” and “Amplifier Overload” problems within the distribution system.

Horder Communications has over 40 years experience in MATV systems and has over 25 years direct experience in designing and remediation of large scale MATV systems with hospitality sector clients including Daydream Island, Hamilton Island and Cable Beach Resort.

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